Our Services

paxDriver 94x71Carey Diplomatic specializes in providing services that get our corporate clients where they need to go-quickly, safely, and comfortably. As a client of Carey Diplomatic, you’ll benefit from our round-the-clock reservations staff and access to our innovative worldwide reservations system putting the world at your fingertips-

your booked services, rates, driver contact, addresses, directions, and account status is assured no matter what your city of service. Our wide range of services include:


Chauffeured Services :

    • Airport, pier, train transfers
    • Point to point transfers
    • Inter office and city transfers
    • Customer directed hourly service
    • Complete tour services
    • Evening on the Town programs

Specialty Services :

  • Meet & Greet Staff
  • Police escorts & Motorcades

Carey Diplomatic’s dispatch and vehicle tracking systems delivers personal and professional service to each passenger, from reservations and preliminary planning through traveler communications and onsite coordination. Our fully trained chauffeurs are supported by our innovative and sophisticated central reservations system and dispatch. You’ll receive comprehensive itemized invoicing for easy tracking, and any questions you may have about service, reservations and billing are made with one phone call to our office.